Steelcase Leap Chair Review

Leap Into Better Posture – Why the Right Desk Chair Matters

A Review for the Steelcase Leap Chair

Steelcase Leap ChairSitting too long can be a real pain in the back. This Steelcase chair review takes a look at a seat designed not only for optimal comfort, but also to make you more productive during all those hours you spend sitting, while also improving your posture. Have you ever observed how people sit to use a computer? A woman in a cubicle hunches over the keyboard, her shoulders crammed against her neck. A teenager lounges at an odd angle, laptop perched on his knees. It looks plain uncomfortable. The human body is bipedal. We’re meant to walk upright. Sitting for long hours eventually takes a toll on our joints, bones, and muscles. Life in a digital world, however, sometimes requires spending more time sitting than standing.

The Pains Associated with New Technological Devices

The Steel Case Leap chair, unlike similar seating, aims to prevent the physical pain and mental frustration from sitting too long. You see, the problem is less about the fact that you spend time sitting, and more about the posture you use. It seems with every new piece of technology, humans adopt a different way to sit or recline. Here are some popular electronic devices, and an example of the stance that we typically take while using them:

• eReader – The posture people use when reading on an eReader is similar to how they curl up or recline to read a hard copy of a book or magazine.

• Smartphones – When texting or holding a conversation on a smartphone, people tend to sit with their legs crossed, as if holding a conversation. Alternately if sitting on a sofa then they might lean over to one side or the other.

• Computers – People tend to crunch their bodies and huddle over a keyboard when using a desktop computer. When using a laptop, their posture could wildly vary depending on whether they’re working or streaming a video.

• iPad – An iPad is a hybrid device. It is a tablet with many of the same capabilities of a computer – eReading, streaming videos, playing games, and allowing access to popular work-friendly sites like Google Drive.

Although the technology aims to make our lives easier, using it encourages poor posture that cause physical pain, even if we use seating marketed as “ergonomic”. This pain invites distraction and disruption, which in turn lowers productivity levels. Left untreated, poor posture can turn into chronic neck pain, lower back pain, sciatica damage, migraines, and carpal tunnel. Fortunately there is a chair designed to respect the shape of the human spine, and that chair is the Steelcase Leap.

Steelcase Leap Chairs Take the Pain Out of Sitting

Ergonomic furniture of the past no longer meets the needs of today’s office workers. The design of past office chairs catered to those who sat at a desk with their feet on the floor. Today’s office workers multitask from a wide range of devices. You deserve a chair that supports your posture, and the Leap goes above and beyond to meet this need. From the headrest to the seat depth, this chair provides all the support you need while working, watching a video, or answering text messages. Steelcase is a company that focuses on offering a full range of workplace products designed for sustainability on social, economic, and environmental levels. They also offer the right chair to give your spine the support it needs to stay healthy while you sit. You cannot go wrong with a Steelcase office chair. The company recognizes that each human is unique, and no two humans move in exactly the same way – even if they perform the same tasks. That is why the Leap moves with you to support your body.

The Leap chair has eight levels of adjustability that synchronize with the human body to give constant support to the spine. It provides this support regardless of body type or sitting position – even if you frequently change postures.

Do you have a larger body type that makes sitting in a plastic office chair uncomfortable? The Steelcase Leap supports up to 300 pounds. If you need a larger size, then the plus version supports up to 500 pounds. Check out how to adjust the chair in his helpful YouTube video:

Some of the other benefits include a firm,  foam seat cushion and sturdy casters that roll just fine across carpeted floors. The chair has a clean, neutral look that complements the aesthetics of any office. Most importantly, this ergonomic chair is built to last. The Leap chair not only supports the humans who use it. It contains no hazardous materials. The Steelcase Leap v2 is eco-friendly. 94% of its materials are recyclable and 32% are from recycled sources. The chair has also received these: • Silver Cradle to Cradle™ product certification by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry for environmental performance. • SCS Indoor Advantage™ certification for protecting indoor air quality. Do you need LEED credits for your project? If so, buying this chair may help contribute toward earning them. Unfortunately there are a few things I would change. Sturdier material than plastic would improve the durability of the arms. The chair is also fairly heavy, so don’t plan on any kind of frequent moving between rooms unless you use the casters to roll it around.

Comments from Others Who Have Taken the Leap

Despite the few negative aspects of this chair, overall I feel it is a good value for the cost, which is a low as $799. While this might seem like a high price for an office chair, its real value exists in how great you will feel after using it. Also consider that Steelcase offers a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.Steelcase Leap Chair Because of its versatility, this Steel Case office chair suits a wide range of office environments, from corporate conference areas to family guest rooms made over into a home office. Check out these customer reviews from actual buyers: • I'm 60+, over 6' tall, with a bad back. I spend hours a day sitting in front of the computer. The Leap Chair has given me the support I need to be able to work productively and comfortably. • The Leap is simply the most comfortable office chair I've used. It's adjustable in a million different ways, so you can set it up to be a perfect fit for you. You'll pay a little more for this chair than you will for run of the mill chairs at a big box store, but it is definitely worth the extra money! • A chair is a chair right? I spent $99 dollars on an office chair from a famous Swedish warehouse store about six years ago. I started having back and neck issues last year and turned to chiropractic and massage visits to deal with the symptoms. After months of this routine with little relief and deciding that my sitting may be the culprit I searched the internet for the type of chair favored by computer programmers. I decided on the leap chair after visiting a local showroom then searched the internet again for the best deal. Within 3 days of sitting in my leap chair I was pain free. I only wish I hadn't waited so long. As you can see, if you are someone who spends a lot of time sitting at a desk, then you need a Steel Case Leap chair. This chair is only a luxury item in regards to how great you will feel after using it compared to your current seating arrangement.

Are You Ready to Trade In Convenience for Comfort?

Has this Steelcase Chair review convinced you to trade in your convenient office chair for one that will provide you with maximum comfort while improving your posture? Ordering one of these chairs for your office takes just a few clicks of the mouse. First visit the Sit4Life website and customize your new ergonomic chair. You can add adjustable arms or a headrest, select the fabric color that best matches your office, upgrade to a leather covering or a platinum finish, and more. Once you finish customizing your new chair, click ADD TO CART to go to the online shopping cart. You can conveniently check out with PayPal or Amazon directly from this point, or you can just click CHECKOUT to pay with your credit card. Any option you choose is completely safe on this site. The site offers free complimentary ground shipping. Between the time of your order and the arrival of your chair, you can check the status or even change your order via the contact details on the website. You can even exchange your chair for one in another color or with different options. Furthermore, Steelcase offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on the Leap, provided you still have the receipt. When the chair arrives, keep the paperwork and if you decide it is not the right fit for you or your office, then rest assured that you can return it within the specified time period. Working long hours shouldn’t be a pain in the lower back. Are you ready to take the Leap into your new, comfortable office chair? Click here to order your Steelcase office chair today. After all, doesn’t your body deserve this kind of investment?

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